(text & musik: K. Burke/A. Felder/N. Jean)

I know we’re doing,
everything that we wantto
Meanwhile we are loosing,
but we won’t let go

and you know
Let’s startthinking what we’re doing
Don’t let nothing change your mind
Let’s start heading homeward bound
Get off the ground,
start loosing – yeah loosing

ref: Keep on rising to the top
give it all you got

Wake up your body…
and move it around

Keep on believing, all the things
inside of you And don’t stop achieving
let some love, shine on through

Don’t hurtthe feeling,
keep on dealing
Everybody – keep on moving
cause I know we can get it over,
so baby

ref: Give it all you got
keep on rising to the top…

Big time illusions
create a lot of confusion
butthe Time has finally come
let’s get it done
Keep on moving – yeah moving

ref: keep on rising to the top
Give it all you got…