(text & musik: K.O’LEary/F.Maher)

No fire the first time we met
Then it turned into a quiet storm
We’ve both been trying to guess each other’s mind
When we move up close so warm to touch
I start burning up inside
You’re ginna push me right across that line

Communication will be something new
when the night is through

Are you ready for something else
Something you will never forget
Are you ready, take a deep breath
You ain’t sen nothin’ yet
I will never try to be mysterious, baby
I just wanna find out if you’re ready

You got me one kiss away
from shakin’ off hesitation
and baby, I know exactly what I would do
Sweet passion coming through your eyes
I don’t need no translation
I’m just waiting to see what you’re gonna do, babe

Just gimma sign to take you where
I know you’d love to go