(text & musik: Mauro Scocco, engelsk översättning Eric Bibb)

Weather’s cold, the sky is grey
another sad november day
Heavey seaaon for the broken-hearted
I wish I could fly away
Have you ever felt this way
On a cold and grey november day?

Ref: And when I saw you there
embracing her against the wall
I had to ask out loud:
Do you have any heart at all?

I wonder ’bout the plans
you’re makin now
I bet you’re fakin’ holy vows
behind your back
I see your fingers crossed
but she’ll never know
She don’t know your ways like I do
She never had to faintest clue

Ref: And when I saw you…

So, why do I miss the way
you take me there?
What kind of cross is this to bear?

Ref: And when I saw you…