(text & musik: Mauro Scocco, engelsk översättning Eric Bibb)

I know what you’re thinking
so, let’s not make a fuss
Despite my best intentions
I still don’t have your trust
Doubts in your heart
feelings I don’t share
I’ve learned from my mistakes
can’t you see I care

So, hear what I’m sayin’
’cos now I’m sure

Ref: Never, never never again
nothing’s gonna keep us apart
I know this love I feel is true now
I should have known it from the start
Oh, baby, never, never, never again
will we go our separate ways
’cos our love is here to stay

So, come lay beside me
and leave the world behind
Darlin’ donät deny me
this precious peace of mind
Don’t say a word
just le me take care of you
just follow me
that’s all you need to do

Ref: Never, never, never again…