(text & musik: I.Nikolayev/I.Forsman)

Another day goes by
We live and we learn
And that’s the reason why
the tables will turn
I feel it in the air
It’s coming our way
And people everywhere
will see it someday

We’re looking for the truth
but closing our eyes
Still thinkin’ that our youth
and beauty allies
But deep down in our hearts
we alreday know
The fundamental parts
are always bound to show

That there’ll be reason why
We all will find
It won’t take long

Aquarius, it’s the change of time
we will see a new day dawning
Aquarius 1999
soon the night turns into morning
Aquarius, it’s the age of light
and the way of understanding
Aquarius, it will shine so bright
even in the darkest night

The world is spinning ’round
with Venus and Mars
We’re standing on the ground
just watching the stars
But we will live to see
a dream coming true
And one day we will get
the feeling out of the blue