(text & musik: Mauro Scocco, engelsk översättning Eric Bibb)

The first time I saw you
Heaven sent a sign
Like a dream come true
I knew that you’d be mine
But all I could do
Was bide my time

I’ve been watching you
I can’t get you off my mind
I don’t know what to do
Real love is har to find

Ref: So, let me in your heart
An’ give my love a chance
to make you see
We’re more than just lovers
Let me in your heart
Don’t turn away from
your destiny
We’re made for each other
I’m beggin’ you
Le me in your heart

I knwo you feel it, too
So why must you still resist?
I knwe I had to break down
your defences
From the moment we first kissed
I tried to make you understand
This love just cannot be dismissed

Loving you this way
Is out of my control
And your sweet surrender
Is my goal

Ref: So, let me in your heart…

Le me in your heart and
Trust the love you can’t deny
Let the feeling wash away
your doubts and
Lift you up so high
Say you’ll let me
Let me in your heart, baby

Ref: So, let me in your heart…