(text & musik: Mauro Scocco, engelsk översättning Eric Bibb)

All I need right now is time
Time for gettin’ over you mend
my broken heart
That’s what I’m tryin’ to do
Oh, all I need right now
is peace of mind
So I can find a way
To leave these haunting memories behind

Ref: All I need right now
is to find myself again
I know it’s gonna take
all the strength I’ve got
and I’m givin’ it my best shot
so, le me be…
if you consider yourself a friend
Don’t come ’round again
It only adds insult to injury
’cos even you should be
able to see
All that I need now
is to be left in peace

Every room seems empty
Now that you’re no longer home
I toss and tunr the night away
Since I’ve been on my own
’Cos it’s hard to sleep
Hard to wake upp all alone

And people ask me how you are
And I find som eline to say
Of all the friends we used to see
most have gone away…
And it’s hard enough to keep in
touch with those who stayed

Ref: All I need…