You Give Me Faith

You Give Me Faith

(text & musik: Mauro Scocco, engelsk översättning Eric Bibb)

It’s not easy livin’
not easy to believe
‘Casue we see so much sufferin
and so much need
Tell me, where would I be
without you?
Well, I really don’t have to
worry ‘cause

Ref: You give me faith
You give me hope
to keep on climbin’ higher
when I just can’t cope
You’re like the sun on a rainy day
you’re everything I needed
There will always be a way
with you, with you

Yes, it’s truly amazin’
how much further we can go
when that seed of hope
begins to grow
you looked right into my heart
like you always do
like you always do

Ref: You give me faith…

Now you’ve got me dreamin’ again
showing me a way out
of loneliness

It’s not easy livin’
and it’s not easy to believe
‘cause we see som much sufferin’
so much need
but I really don’t have
to worry

Ref: ‘Cause, you give me faith

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